We Take Happiness And Well-Being Very Seriously

How do we achieve well-being and happiness?  Most people believe there is little they can do about their state of well-being Рwe are either happy or we are not. Nothing could be further from the truth. Happiness and well-being need to be actively pursued and science tells us just how this can be done. Positive Psychology is a relatively new branch of psychology that strives to understand how to pursue lasting happiness. It is not positive thinking, it is not self help. It is a science, it is the scientific study of human flourishing.

Partners In Thriving provides classes and workshops based on positive psychology designed to teach participants the tools and techniques to increase well-being and procure lasting happiness. We offer “Lunch & Learns” and workshops for employees of medium to large size San Diego companies. We also work with schools throughout San Diego delivering workshops to parents and trainings to teachers and staff.outlook india

  • Classes for school
  • Happier Schools

    Typically classes taught in a school setting emphasize discipline and communication rarely the importance of increasing happiness and well-being. Positive Psychology gives us the tools necessary to learn this skill. Learn about the multitude of empirically based theories regarding increasing well-being and happiness, resilience and a growth mindset (all classes include the most current research). All classes and workshops are delivered in groups of 10 or more participants. Improved quality of relationships, strengthened resilience and a better understanding of how to nurture academic success, are among just a few of the benefits of participation in these workshops.

  • Happier Employees

    Happy employees are productive employees. These experiential, team building trainings and classes teach the skills and theory necessary to enhance well-being and foster lasting happiness.  Employee well-being and happiness translate into improved job performance. Participants learn about the multitude of empirically based theories regarding increasing well-being. We also offer employees with children in elementary school the same classes we teach in public schools. All trainings and classes are delivered in groups of 10 or more participants.

  • Classes for businesses

The training on resilience was outstanding.


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